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A chapter on COVID-19
In one of the microbiology courses that I teach, my students will be learning about SARS-CoV-2 (the virus...
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All of humanity is rightfully concerned about the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Popular...
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New powerful antibiotics discovered using machine learning
Bacteria are amazing creatures. They adapt rapidly to any stress that is put on them or at least some...
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Top Publishers Sued over Collusion in Textbook Market
Textbook prices are out of control and this is why I spent years of my life writing and running this...
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Americans are fatter than ever and processed food is to blame
Before diving into this article we need to clarify how being obese is measured. There are many ways to...
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2-1 Introduction

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Microbiology stands on the shoulders of chemistry, physics, mathematics and many other areas of study. To be able to talk the language of microbiology, there is an entrance fee in the form of a basic set of knowledge that must be acquired from these other disciplines. In this chapter we cover a number of important concepts that a student of microbiology needs as a foundation for the rest of microbiology. For some this may serve as a review, but you may want to read it anyway because it might give you a new perspective on the knowledge you already have.

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